How Will This Change Affect You

In our last blog post we talked about the changes Google is making to their search engine results (SERP) and how those changes are affecting a lot of people’s website listings. It’s becoming a huge thing, and the potential impact could have a devastating impact on your business.

As we discussed in that last blog post along with our blog post on Google’s position zero, we discuss the importance of the changes to Google’s SERP, what the differences are and how to adjust your search marketing strategy to not get completely bounced out of your search ranking positions.

Another Change

Now we’re starting to understand that Google is also changing their policy on the “Featured Snippet” (or position zero) to be no duplication on the first page results.

It used to be that if you optimized a webpage within your website to show up in a featured snippet, you still could see that page showing up on the first page as a regular organic listing. Now, however, if you get one of your pages to rank within a featured snippet box, you will no longer have that separate first-page listing. Instead, your past first-page position, outside of the featured snippet, will now be moved to the second or third page or possibly even further back.

The question that we all have to ask is, how badly do we want to show up in a featured snippet? On the pro side, featured snippets will:

  • give you the top billing on a SERP
  • give your listing more real estate on the SERP than any other listing
  • definitely make your brand stand-out as the expert

However, on the con side, featured snippets:

  • seldom have anyone click on the link to go to the website feeding the information
  • potentially reduce all of your traffic for the phrase that you are ranking for, within the featured snippet

Should You Optimize For Featured Snippets?

Just like everything else with marketing the answer to that is…it depends. It depends on what you’re trying to accomplish with the effort. If you are trying to develop your brand as the expert for a specific topic and you plan on getting your traffic from other key-phrases or other efforts like social media or email, then the answer would be “yes,” optimize to show up in a featured snippet.

If, however, the phrase that you’re optimizing for is essential for your business because it is driving good quality traffic to your site, then I’d say “no” don’t go after a featured snippet listing, but keep optimizing for one of the other nine positions on the first page. You’ll see much better click-thru rates.

One thing that we can count on to remain consistent is marketing, especially search marketing is inconsistent. If you’ve not adjusted your marketing strategy, recently chances are real good that the results that you once had are quickly fading. And, that means your business could see a significant adjustment in the not too distant future.