Paid Search Ads For Brand Building

When you compare paid search ads and brand awareness, you probably think the two are found in opposites sides of the galaxy. You’ve got one, paid search ads, that is a tool meant to drive traffic and conversions and is completely measurable.

On the other side of the spectrum, you have brand awareness, which is almost an idea more than it is a tool or strategy. And, of course, its difficult to measure as branding doesn’t give you exact numbers.

But believe it or not, the two aren’t completely separated, even though they are in completely different positions within the marketing funnel.

You see, paid search ads can actually help with your branding awareness campaign. Yes, you heard that right.

Down to its simplest form, brand awareness is the consumer’s recognition of your product or business. It’s their familiarity with your content, whether it be your message you deliver or just the logo that represents your business.

So how can paid search ads help with that? Well it’s actually quite simple.

When you have a business or product, you are going to be wedged in this giant pack with other competitors within your market space. Then there’s the consumers who are looking in on this group. The consumers are trying to decide which business out the pack is the right fit for them.

So it’s your responsibility to separate yourself or stand out from that pack in the mind’s of your consumers. That’s brand awareness at its best.

Now to answer the question of how paid search ads come into play. Think about when you place paid search ads online. Let’s say a consumer puts in a search in Google and your ads pop up in the first position on the right. Chances are good that the consumer is going to see your ad. Maybe they don’t click on it, but they are seeing it, which means it will most likely stick in their mind.

It’s actually a fact. Google recently released a study which showed that consumers remember and select those brands that they saw in the top search ad position, even if they didn’t click on the ad.

So there it is. Paid search ads are doing work for your brand awareness campaign. If you’d like to learn a few tips on how to use your search ads for brand awareness, be sure to take a look at the short video clip above.