Flint Children’s Museum


The Flint Children’s Museum was started in 1979 with a strong focus of hands-on learning that has defined this organization and continues to define it, today. The Flint Children’s Museum serves more than 40,000 children and families every year and they got to the point that they needed their website to be more interactive and to help these families better interact with the FCM website.

We began our work with FCM by laying out a strategy and an information architecture that would accomplish all that they wanted to get from their new website.

FCM is very fortunate to have a great graphic designer, in-house, that put together an amazingly fresh and current design for this new website design and development project. We were able to use their graphic designer’s files, lay the design over the code that we developed for the project and then put in all of the content for the site.

The end result, a great new website that is more interactive, better engages the families, and has a content management system that gives FCM’s staff the ability to keep this new website up-to-date, without having to write code!