Genesee County Health Department


With a site that had an out-dated governmental look and a content management system (CMS) that had become cumbersome at best, Genesee County Health Department knew it was time to take the plunge into building a new site. The challenge for this project was creating an information architecture for an organization with a vast array of departments and services including 3 different audience segments.

We started with several stakeholder meetings to really understand how the information should be structured. Then with a fresh new look, we built the site on WordPress, giving them a world class CMS that will allow for easy site maintenance and growth into the future.

Users are now able to interact with the organization like never before and have enjoyed the ease in which they are able to find the information they need like…

  • scheduling online appointments
  • purchasing food licenses
  • staying current on the latest health information

The Health Department also has been able to provide a higher level of service to the residents by being able to release information to the public in a faster and easier manner.