Mott-Warsh Collection Gallery


The Mott-Warsh Collection, based in Flint, Michigan, is a private collection of fine art created by artists of the African diaspora. The Mott-Warsh Collection lends collection items to Flint-based public institutions and nationally touring museum and college exhibitions. Maryanne Mott and her late husband, Herman Warsh, initiated the Mott-Warsh collection in 2001 as a means of providing fine art to a broader audience in the City of Flint and beyond.

We couldn’t be more proud to have been selected to work with this prestigious organization that is so focused on the Flint community. Throughout our conversations for this project, the passion for the community continued to come through every person that we talked with. Absolutely great people.

We started with that warmth and passion as we developed the site’s design, hoping to wrap it in a blanket of warmth. From there we built the site on a platform that would be dynamic, scalable, easy-to-maintain, and would also power the interactive kiosk that we built for inside the gallery. This way the staff at Mott-Warsh only has to maintain one piece of information and power multiple uses for that data.